LDPE Tapes Benefits

The Robusta Tapes technology allows for adding special properties such as resistance to heat, UV and/or chemicals as well as adhesion promotors by incorporating functional additives into the resin matrix.

Robusta Tapes utilizes continuous fibers as the major reinforcement and impregnate them with different resin systems to achieve the final desired properties.  Carbon and glass fibers offer only limited benefits when used individually – but when combined with and encapsulated in a unique polymer matrix they result in superior product features. The fibers form the structural element of the product giving superior strength and stiffness properties in UD direction. The polymer matrix bonds the fibers together, which gives the tape strength hand toughness in all other directions and protects the fibers from damage by distributing the stress among the matrix when exposed to forces in non UD directions. As a result the UD tapes of Robusta Tapes are easy to process and very reliable in performance.

Product Properties:

  • Low weight with high stiffness and toughness
  • Unique, superior impregnation technology
  • Superior mechanical, thermal, chemical and surface properties
  • Wide range of resins, fibers and additives adjustable to polymer system of final part
  • Unidirectional tapes with a width of 2,5 till 10 cm


  • Automated tape lay-up, winding and tape placement
  • Press consolidation
  • Fluid heat transfer under vacuum
  • Partial reinforcement for injection-molding, compression-molding, sheet extrusion